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Lindsay Lohan's OWN "docu-series" Lindsay doesn't start airing until Sunday, but she already sounds like a seasoned reality TV vet. On last night's Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, she explained away her seeming messiness in the show's trailer by saying:

It is a television show so they want ratings—they picked the first two months after I got back to New York after I had been in treatment. I became really spiritual over this past year and I have been trying to find peace and serenity in my life. So of course they take the chaos of me moving after eight years of living in L.A. back to the city of New York. So it's like "Oprah reprimands Lindsay!"

It's like Oprah reprimands Lindsay, but also Oprah does reprimand Lindsay: In the trailer, Captain SaveaLo tells the ne'er-do-well former child star to "cut the bullshit."

Blaming reality TV for not giving the full picture of one's life is like blaming a funhouse mirror for making you look distorted. But that's showbiz, I guess. On Fallon, Lindsay was her usual charming talk-show self, as if to be a walking spoiler alert: "I'm fine guys! Pay no attention to that breakdown I had on the show that I'm here to promote."

After the interview, she and Fallon played a game in which they threw glasses of water on each other for four minutes.