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Last night on Lindsay Lohan's reality show, Lindsay, the flailing actress shared her frustration over her reputation for being an unreliable brat. That reputation has led to a lack of employment (hence the reality show). Funny that, because she shared said frustration on the very show that she started flaking on (attempting to cancel shoots, etc.), necessitating a stern talking-to from Oprah Winfrey just last week. Will she ever learn?

That question is the one that Lindsay seemingly wishes to answer, and the one that Lindsay herself can't seem to answer honestly given her inability to accept full accountability for the state of her career. (Thousands of words on the difficulty of working with her on her most recently released movie, Paul Schrader's The Canyons, filled a New York Times Magazine cover story last year.) That asking and not answering and then re-asking because of the lack of answers, together make the show this perpetual motion machine. It's spinning its wheels while Lohan goes nowhere. And yet it is riveting to watch someone grapple with the fleeting nature of fame, especially when it's something that has been a key part of this person's identity since she was a child. Shows like Being Bobby Brown and The Anna Nicole Show made a joke out of has-beendom, while Lindsay grapples with its devastating reality.

Lohan can be infuriating (see above), but scenes like the one below, in which Lohan spends time with children as part of her mandated community service, suggest that she isn't a lost cause, that there's a real human being in there capable of seeing the world outside of herself.