Composite: Sam Woolley, original image via Facebook

It’s not completely outside of the realm of possibility that Limp Bizkit, a screaming band of white working man messiahs, would put on a show at a random gas station as a 4/20 gag. Unfortunately for thousands of confused internet users, though, Limp Bizkit will not be playing at the Sunoco Station in Dayton, Ohio this evening. Unless that’s what they want you to think.

If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter recently, you may have seen either the following event or tweet, respectively.

At which point, you might have found yourself wondering, what the hell is going on? Why would Limp Bizkit be playing at secret show at a gas station? How is it secret if it’s being announced to 20,000 people on Facebook? And what is Ohio?

Don’t worry. We have answers.

What the hell is going on?

It all started with a Facebook event made by 28-year-old Ohio resident Brian Baker. The page alleged that Limp Bizkit would be playing a secret show at the Sunoco gas station on Wayne Avenue in Dayton on April 20, 2017.

Now, Limp Bizkit will very likely not be playing a show at the Sunoco on Wayne Avenue in 2017, but they are most definitely not playing one tonight, which is what the majority of people read the date as.

But then the City of Dayton announced that, no, Limp Bizkit would not be playing.

Image: Facebook

The Sunoco also confirmed that, no, Limp Bizkit would not be playing.

Image: The News Wheel

Even Fred “Bizkit” Durst announced that, no, he would not be playing. Albeit in an incredibly rude way.

Image: Twitter

If Limp Bizkit isn’t really playing, how did so many people hear about it?

Because the idea of Limp Bizkit reliving its nu metal glory days in the middle of Everytown, USA is the 4/20 dream.

And also because, as soon as the Dayton Police tweeted out an attempt to dispel the rumor, people started to get into the gag to an alarming degree.

Some made fake promos.

Some tried to surface incontrovertible proof that of course Fred Durst would be there. Like this confirmation from “The Limp” himself:

Also, this second confirmation:

Or this Craigslist posting alleging to have tickets:

Are you sure there’s no Limp Bizkit concert at the Sunoco Station on Wayne Ave?

Pretty sure. A local news station looked into the issue and walked away with a negative Limp Bizkit conclusion.

Local site The News Wheel even talked to some of the Sunoco’s employees after taking photos of some of the signs hanging around:

The woman working behind the counter saw me taking the photo with my phone and asked me to please post it on social media and spread the word. She said it had been a crazy day, and that they had needed to unplug their phone because so many people were calling in to ask about the concert and request VIP tickets.

The official Limp Bizkit Twitter account also jumped on, offering this bit of insight into the Sunoco secret show situation:

Which we’re choosing to take as a “maybe.”

Why would someone go to all this trouble?

I spoke to Brian Baker, the creator of the original event, to ask just that. In regards to what prompted him to make the event in the first place, Baker said, “I’ve been a fan my whole life. Of Sunoco. And the biz. Red Bulls and Limp Bizkit is my shit.” A real Limp-head, some might say.

I then reframed the question, hoping to maybe get something coherent. Instead, Brian answered, “I made this event for the holy day 4/20/17 and I know Wes, Fred, and the Bizkit will come. The people decided they want Bizkit tonight I guess. We all in together now. Just rollin.”

Did Brian have any idea how far his even would spread? “I had faith,” he says. His motivation, of course, was “the nookie.”

Does that mean that Limp Bizkit will be playing at the Sunooco gas station on Wayne Ave. next 4/20?

As there has been no suggestion from any party that this is not the case, we must assume that Limp Bizkit will indeed be playing at the Sunoco gas station on Wayne Ave on April 20, 2017.

So should I still go to the Sunoco gas station on Wayne Ave. to see Limp Bizkit tonight?

Yes. Definitely. Limp Bizkit will certainly be there. Be safe and have fun.