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Hey teens and adults without a dealer, are you looking for a way to get a extra shot of mojo, just a little boost to make you feel like you can do anything? Why not try the choking game, which has been providing a shot of euphoria through cutting off the brain's oxygen supply to...let's call them curious parties for decades. This weekend, Lifetime investigated this phenomenon in a fictional piece of camp propaganda that was aptly titled The Choking Game.

In it, new girl Nina turns the straight-laced Taryn onto her "little game." Visions of snow and dry leaves ensue. Soon, Taryn is strung out—her eyes are red, her room is a mess, her grades start to slip, she ditches her old geeky friend with blue-streaked hair—on the choking game. But then, Nina goes to far and ends up catatonic and, even worse, disfigured and Taryn learns a valuable lesson: smoke some fucking pot already because you're a goddamn high school senior.

That's not the lesson, but it should be. Or at least, someone should get these kids some poppers.

Anyway, I did this as a kid on the back of the school bus (always with a group). I didn't die or become disfigured, but I did end up smoking pot (almost always communally, too). The choking game is clearly a gateway. Proceed with caution and with a good friend.

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