In this life, you flail blindly, pummeling your way from one day to the next through alternating periods of heroic effort and helpless inertia, unwilling or unable to behold the world beyond the lonely confines of your own ego. In this way, you resemble an idiot kangaroo with a watering can stuck on its head.

Recently, photographer Ian Berry spotted one such idiot kangaroo in Coffin Bay, Australia, and relayed his experience to The Advertiser, a local tabloid:

While Mr Berry was checking on the kangaroo, fellow Coffin Bay locals Rob Smith and Steve Dew, who had spotted the roo earlier, had returned with rope and tin cutters with the aim to set the marsupial free.

Luckily, they succeeded – but not without a few failed attempts first.

"They used rope first … one had rope tied around the can and the other had the roo's tail and they tried pulling but it didn't work," Mr Berry said.

"At this point it (the kangaroo) was pretty tired because it had been trying to kick the can off … (Mr Smith and Mr Dew) were able to get close enough to cut the can off.

It's true that your own struggle differs from the plight of the idiot kangaroo in one key respect: for you, there are no saviors bearing rope and tin cutters. The best of your hopes lies in another idiot kangaroo whose erratic path occasionally crosses with your own, flickering with the promise of companionship just outside the overwhelming dark of your watering can. If your fortune is good, the two spouts might line up for an ecstatic moment as you hobble off drunkenly together toward your eventual demise, offering a single radiant glimpse at your partner from one can to another before blindness descends again.

Mostly, you're in this alone.

Good luck.

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