In 2002, Craig David asked the world "What's your flava? Tell me what's you flava (aaah)." Now Ben & Jerry's is performing similar research, asking the question in a less smooth and infinitely more confusing way.

The New York Daily News reports that the ice cream company has just launched a new "City Churned" campaign, which will culminate in the creation of city-specific flavors for New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

Residents of these cities (or anywhere! Hail from whatever ice cream town you want, Jay Gatsby) can vote online for which random non-ice cream products they want to be incorporated into Frankenstein's city-specific sundaes ("SIXPOINT BEER or BANANAS?" reads one NYC option). Votes will also (allegedly) be monitored by a team of marketers who will keep track of things like whether they see more people riding fixed gear or freewheel bikes around San Francisco, so that every time you ride a freewheel bike in The Mission, you are inadvertently contributing a vote for cinnamon to this weird promotion. The winning flavor combinations will be sold for exactly one day in their namesake cities, rendering the seemingly gargantuan task of vote tabulation even more bewildering.

But whatever! Most people love icecream and everyone lives in a place. If the place where you live were an ice cream flavor, what ice cream flavor would it be and why?

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