Prince’s unreleased catalog is nearly as expansive as his official discography, and for years, fans have traded bootlegs with the same fervor as Phish Heads. One of my favorites is “The Undertaker,” an unreleased EP-length project recorded “live” (in one take with no overdubs) in 1993 by Prince and two core members of The New Power Generation, drummer Michael Bland and bassist Sonny T.

Prince intended to release it packaged with an issue of Guitar World magazine, and, as you might imagine from that distribution plan, all seven rock-inflected songs feature plenty of Prince’s dextrous soloing. His war with Warner Brothers got in the way, and the CD was blocked from release. But, oddly, Warner Brothers did release the promotional VHS intended to accompany the album.

Above, from that video, is “Honky Tonk Women.” You can find the rest of the album online if you know where to look, but please remember that Prince would have wanted U 2 respect his copyright.

OK, fine, here’s one more: A remake of Prince’s own“Bambi.”