Good morning. Have you eaten yet? Good. Let's talk cockroach farming.

My early nomination for the Pulitzer—in buggin' out!—goes to LA Times writer Barbara Demick, who has produced what is, without exaggeration, the finest story on Chinese cockroach farming that I have ever read. "China has about 100 cockroach farms, and new ones are opening almost as fast as the prolific critters breed." People like to eat ground-up cockroaches, you see. Twenty bucks a pound, dried cockroaches sell for! Many of you could probably open profitable cockroach farming operations in your kitchen cabinets right now.

Killing them is easy too: Just scoop or vacuum them out of their nests and dunk them in a big vat of boiling water. Then they're dried in the sun like chile peppers.

Every single photograph accompanying this story is just revolting. War on China NOW.

[Photo: Flickr]