Last weekend, the Electric Zoo music festival in New York was cut short after two young attendees died of drug overdoses. This calls for a party!

The following email was sent out this afternoon by Sascha Lewis, the head of NYC culture-'n-party-recommendation newsletter Flavorpill. It is not the best.

From: Sascha Lewis
Date: Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 3:33 PM
Subject: Let's celebrate, together!

Greetings all,

Last weekend two young people died at the Electric Zoo festival in
NYC. As someone who's been immersed in the festival scene and made it
my life's work to inspire people to participate in all types of
cultural experiences, I believe that this all-too-familiar loss
signifies an opportunity for our community to grow beyond our
sometimes excessive, less-than-mindful behavior when we gather.

Such gatherings are fundamental to our human experience insofar as we
can consume all the incredible things coming at us mindfully. Each one
of us has the capacity to be joyful and ecstatically "in the moment"
wherever we are, and it's my goal to create environments where we get
to experience that capacity in its fullest.

I hope the events below offer you the opportunity to rock out with
your badass amazing self in a safe environment with a supportive

Let's do this!

What better way to honor the memories of those who died than with "an hour of booty-shakin' beats" by Major Lazer at the Absolut™ Lunch Break? Let's do this!

UPDATE: A response from Sascha Lewis can be found here.

[Photo: Peter Kirn/ Flickr]