Do you understand how exactly the United States' drone program works? The genuine, terrifying answer is that barely anyone has a complete picture of not only who we are targeting, but also who we're killing. "Perhaps the most incredible thing about our drone program," Oliver says, "which again, a majority of us support, is not how little we know about who the government is killing, but how little they themselves seem to know."

In the process of the show's investigation, Oliver said that they were unable to find much information at all explaining how we justify our drone strikes on international targets—that they pose an "imminent threat," it turns out, could actually mean anything. Mostly, we've made the civilians and children living underneath the drones live lives of endless fear of the sky.

"It is completely natural for us not to want to think about the consequences of our drone program, but when children from other countries are telling us that we've made them fear the sky, it might be time to ask some hard questions."

[H/T Last Week Tonight]