Everyone's favorite GIRL Lena Dunham was on comedy variety program SNL last night as a first-time host. She wasn't bad, though her opening monologue and two separate sketches referenced her show's gratuitous nudity and the sound of her voice was just a smidge grating. Nothing out of the usual.

Dunham's opening monologue was about sex and mostly bland.

Dunham and her office pals have a jewelry party and learn that someone's boyfriend is a men's rights activist. Hijinks ensue.

We were so close in guessing this one.

On a sketch that Jon Hamm mysteriously shows up in, two middle-school girls reach puberty, which seems to be a theme on SNL these days.

The most hilarious sketch ended up being a portion of Weekend Update with Putin's Best Friends From Growing Up. Fred Armisen swings by with Vanessa Bayer to surreptitiously discuss what it's like to know Putin intimately.

Were any of your guesses right?