Raymond Pettibon, the visual artist responsible for such iconic images as the Black Flag logo and Sonic Youth's Goo album cover, maintains a spectacularly salty online persona. Recently, he—or someone posing as him—took his mashed-out proclamations to the Hypebeast comments section, of all places, dishing out poorly spelled insults like a veteran commenter.

The scuffle started after Hypebeast—an internet site where sneaker-obsessed young gentlemen go to discuss the finer points of swagginess—posted a video about Pettibon's recent collaboration with the polarizing streetwear brand Supreme. When commenters began criticizing the clip, the self-proclaimed Pettibon began emphatically and incoherently defending himself.

When a Hypebeast named SHARKIN suggested the collaboration was "an easy, disappointing pass," the suspected prizewinning artist responded thusly:

I did nothing for Black Flaal;they sure as hell did nothing for me.The art predates them,pnk rckr.Stick the 2 bars tatooed on yr dick(won't hold more than2,)put yr dck in yo mouf Leapin Lannny Poffo style—same one w 2 bars tatooed on tongue—and sck yo dck.

Then, another commenter suggested Pettibon might have Asperger's syndrome. He replied:

Like cowabunga,stoked,rap yr leash 'round yr weinie ;it might draw tht surf accent out of yo mouf.Articulate surfer?LOL.

After Pettibon was accused of "selling out":

I need money?Refer,once again,to above.Yes,I make money—youpnkrck groms or soul surfers growing weed on side :go catch a wave n smoke it,I live on about 15 grand prob;$ goes to fam and future n charity.Will consider not signing/drawing books for surfers again.Get yr Van airbrushed,help yr brahs into yr wetsuits flashing parking lot.

And so on. It's possible that this the work of a skilled impersonator, but the Disqus account used to comment is linked to Pettibon's Twitter, which requires a Twitter password. The idiosyncratic punctuation and grammar style mirrors the kind of thing he regularly writes, and he seems to reference the flamewar in this tweet.

Two lessons to be learned here: The internet is forever, people. And don't fuck with Pettibon.

[h/t The World's Best Ever]