Vladimir Putin should probably stop talking about gay people. In an interview today, the Russian president aimed to downplay fears that gay men and women will be in danger during the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, but instead he might have done the opposite.

"There is no ban on non-traditional forms of sexual interaction between people," is the word-soup Putin chose to offer as assurance. "We have a ban on propaganda of homosexuality."

"We ban nothing, we aren't going after anyone, we have no responsibility for such contacts," he continued. But he quickly moved past hands-off distancing, saying, "We have no such thing, people can feel free and at ease but please leave the children in peace."

Russia has become increasingly hostile to gays over the last year after passing the aforementioned law banning "homosexual propaganda." Earlier this week, a well-known Russian gay activist was arrested after unfurling a gay pride flag in front of the Olympic torch.

Later in the interview, Putin talked about how much the country of Russia loves figure skating.

[image of Putin in Sochi via Getty]