A brief video surfaced earlier today that purports to show 19-year-old Vine “celeb” Carter Reynolds attempting to push 16-year-old ex-girlfriend (and social media starlet) Maggie Lindemann into oral sex.

In the video, which appeared uncensored on a Mexican blogger’s Tumblr and has been uploaded to YouTube sans exposed penis (Update: YouTube has removed the video), a man (allegedly Reynolds) can be heared requesting a blowjob (and exposing his erect penis) to an uncomfortable Lindemann, who repeatedly states that she’s “uncomfortable” with the situation.

“This makes me so uncomfortable,” Lindemann says, “I’m really uncomfortable.” The man chants “Do it!” and says Lindemann should “pretend nothing’s there.” Lindemann replies “I don’t know if I can...I don’t think I can” while the man masturbates and repeats “oh my gosh, Maggie.” The video ends there.

Reynolds hasn’t explicitly acknowledged the explicit video, but tweets like these indicate he realizes he’s in some sort of deep, hot, shitty water:

An example of the Vine work that’s netted Reynolds over 2.3 million followers, online fame, and conference appearances, can be seen below:

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