They're staffers for influential congressmen and PACs. They work at top international banks and consulting firms. Also, they claim to hit women, lie to cops, chase ass, trade pills and hard drugs, and pour "so much champagne on bitches titties." These are the email confessions of a banned fraternity.

Late last week, someone leaked a 70-page trove of racy emails and texts between the brothers of the Epsilon Iota chapter of Alpha Tau Omega, a fraternity chapter that was banished from American University's campus way back in 2001 for "serious policy violations which involved hazing and alcohol abuse." The university continues to warn students off of the rogue frat, saying involvement in EI "could pose risks to students."

That seems to be the way EI likes it. Since its campus ban, the organization has continued to tally up members and insane behavior, untouched by university regulations; the unrecognized chapter has even pitched itself to prospective members as the "bad-ass" alternative to conventional Greek fraternities.

The emails—embedded below—suggest AU may have created a monster. In the documents, which run from 2012 to earlier this year, members detail how they swapped LSD, Adderall, and pot among each other; how they surreptitiously interacted with the "bitches" from AU's recognized sororities to get laid and get legitimacy; how they covered up allegations of beating women, rape in their house, and raucous party trouble that drew police attention; and how they generally acted as stereotypes of bad brothers in a problem frat.

"A driving factor of this fraternity is our mysterious reputation," one member tells the others on email. "However if we lose this we will lose a distinguishing factor that we have over other fraternities and attractiveness that we have over future rushes and the bitches."

The mystery is over now. The emails—which were sent unredacted to Gawker over the weekend and have popped up across the internet—prompted AU's administration to renounce the organization again in an email to students, which was subsequently provided to the Huffington Post:

Recently, an anonymous source shared emails and other information with university administrators and selected campus community members. We are outraged by the reprehensible content of this material. It could not be more contrary to American University's values and standards.

The material is under intense analysis by university officials, with attention to the statutes and regulations that guide our behavior. We assure our campus community that we are pursuing these matters deliberately and expeditiously so that violations of the law are addressed and university conduct code standards are upheld.

Much of the email correspondence details the idle sort of misogynist, homophobic shit-talk that outsiders, for better or worse, associate with frat life. References to "dripping wet pussies" and "pint sized axo sluts" abound. But some of the messages detail far more disturbing antics.

When presented with allegations from one woman that a friend of hers had been date-raped at EI's house, the brothers went nuts. "I would like to meet this lying cunt and show her how african men treat their women," one wrote. When the accuser reportedly made a truce with the frat, one brother commented: "Dumb bitches learning their place."

Whenever talk of the fraternity's rapidly declining reputation with law enforcement and other Greeks came up, the brothers fought mightily to contain the damage—but not for the usual reasons. "something needs to be done so bitches will still go to our parties," said one member, who according to his LinkedIn profile has worked with a charity organization for families of missing and dead veterans.

Not every member wanted to deal with the difficult business of public relations, however. "can we please get back to talking about getting blacked out and fucking bitches?" asked one brother after a car crash outside their house involved the cops. "last year i got kicked out of the current in a blaze of glory and then kicked out of a cab for fingerblasting [redacted] too well woo," the brother—who now specializes in commercial real estate data—added.

That member, who studied international peace and conflict resolution at American, had very specific advice for his brothers in incidents involving investigators:

DON'T LET THEM INTO THE HOUSE and DENY THERE WAS EVER A PARTY AND THAT YOU WERE THERE. I spent 1500 on a lawyer just so he could lie in court claiming I wasn't there the night of.

In subsequent messages, he told brothers he didn't want to waste time hanging out "with chi o bitches and pike faggs," but preferred parties where "i poured so much champagne on bitches titties and faces last night my b." Later, he started a thread titled "Bitches are the laziest creatures."

Another member fretted that parties should be planned so as to "get bitches in the right state of intoxication so that plows will be raining all over the place."

The role of the diplomat often seemed to be played by a brother calling himself "CUMGUZZLER," who when he wasn't interning for a U.S. senator and an influential congressman's political action committee, regaled his comrades with fuzzily remembered sexual conquests and assured them: "Hit me up if you need a hot bitch to vomit all over."

But the EI members did more than just spout stereotypical rhetoric. One brother started a thread titled "Study drugs now available," inviting his fellow members to partake in his cache: "I will be able to satisfy all of your studying needs in a half hour. I will be spending my first full day in the library since i was a pledge. Text me to coordinate a pick up."

Another brother posted a pic of himself smoking dope in his car "Right outside the child development Center," and yet another started a thread called "LSD": "If anyone wants some dope, bonafide Lucy let me know. Got the hookup." (Another brother prudently replied: "Don't post shit like this.")

Throughout the messages, brothers constantly asked each other who was holding "Aderall," "Addy," and "Adyy," seemingly incapable of spelling the prescription drug's name (or much else) correctly.

The members of EI seemed to vacillate between trying to improve their nasty reputation and wearing it as a badge of honor. When the time came for chapter t-shirt ideas, some top ones included these:

Epsilon iota
Water boarding ain't shit

Epsilon iota
If the DEa and homeland security can't catch us, Nobody can

Epsilon iota
"she's not answering because her mouth is full"

Epsilon iota animal control
Slaying pussies and bitches since 1943

Epsilon iota
Or as public safety refers to us as……..
"unidentified male between the ages of 18-22"

Epsilon iota
The bill Clinton of fraternities

Rush EI
Officially out of roofies… we swear.

Rush EI
Where jews and arabs go to blackout

But some of the most harrowing messages came when the brothers tried to smooth over things after several members admitted to striking a girl from an approved sorority on campus, leading to EIs being shunned by other Greeks.

"We didn't beat anyone up," one of the members involved in the incident explained to a freaked-out brother. "These crazy bitches were straight up assaulting us and hitting and slapping us so one of the bitches got pushed. Thats all that happened of course with some shit talking." Another brother basically corroborated that story:

[S]he was not beaten. She assaulted us repeatedly, alongside with calling the entire brotherhood a rape gang and worthless pieces of shit after what she eventually got slapped back, very softly, and fell in the bushes (she was perfectly fine by the way) I think if my goal was to beat her, first of all she would have been in the hospital, second I would have probably been in jail by now...

He then added that he couldn't discuss it anymore, because he was on Adderall in the library studying.

Some brothers discussed damage control over the issue, though not all took it seriously. "It seems like damage control is very straightforward," one said: "someone needs to stuff a dick in that [redacted] girl's mouth with the quickness."

At the end of the day, the situation—like so many other self-caused calamities in EI—was "completely contained," according to the Senate intern. However, he cautioned, "it is important that you all know what to say if someone asks you something. You say 'fuck no, we don't hit girls, ever. whoever told you that is a lying sack of shit.'"

Here's the full report, with names redacted, on the life and times of Epsilon Iota's lawless brotherhood:

American University EIs Gone Wild