At long last, Cool Pope “Francis” (a pseudonym) has released his much-anticipated encyclical on climate change. **SPOILER ALERT**: He’s against it. What does this mean?

Here is what it means: both the scientific establishment and the fantasy establishment now agree that climate change is real, man-made, and bad. Climate change deniers can no longer take refuge in the Land of Make Believe, where God’s Will is the only force that defines how hot or cold this world is, and where rising sea levels and extreme weather disasters and melting ice caps are nothing more than an expression of His Unknowable Plan.

The Pope is in charge of that fantasy world, and he agrees with us now. Deniers have lost “magic” as an explanation—and that was all they had going for them. Let’s all start working on the problem now.

Read the Cool Pope’s whole thing if you want, it makes a lot of good points once you get past the weird “Praise be to you, My Lord” intro.

[Photo: AP]