The rich are different from you and me, it’s been said (by the rich). And that’s probably the truth, unless you’re also allegedly hosting prostitute-and-cocaine orgies at your multimillion dollar Park Avenue apartment. And if you are, well, good for you I guess?

That’s what a maid, an architect, and a building superintendent are saying of 52-year-old Barbara Virginia Hudson, a wealthy Park Avenue divorcée who apparently pissed off a lot of people.

According to the New York Post, Hudson actually started the whole mess when she sued her maid, Johanna Pimental, for allegedly stealing around $60,000 in pre-signed checks from her apartment while she was away on vacation. (Pimental will head to court to face a charge of grand larceny in August.)

Pimental, in turn, has secured affidavits from multiple disgruntled employees who claim Hudson has serious predilections for ludicrously debauched activities.

The testimony paints a picture of a cocaine-fueled Upper East Side-Grey Gardens existence, animal poop and all.

  • The architect claims he twice found Hudson passed out from drugs and alcohol “in need of resuscitation.”
  • This man also claims Hudson had a “mysterious Italian boyfriend named Fernando” who organized prostitute-filled orgies at her apartment and “mainly seemed to exist only at nighttime.”
  • The maid alleges that she was “required to issue a check on each occasion to the ‘night visitor’ with a memorandum made on the check’s face, ‘For entertainment.’”
  • The building superintendent says he encountered Hudson multiple times naked, “in near stupor conditions” and is “frankly amazed that she is still living.”

Oh, and there was allegedly a lot of feces—human and dog—involved:

After Hudson’s binges would come calamitous crashes, during which she’d retreat to her penthouse bedroom for days, “with her crippled Chihuahua, ‘Tilly,’” as Pimental described it in her own affidavit.

Neither Hudson nor her dog would leave for days, even to use the bathroom. “It was all in the bed and on the bed,” Pimental wrote of the vile messes she’d have to clean up.

The Post reports that Hudson was charged with misdemeanor witness tampering this past spring, for allegedly contacting the architect and threatening to “ruin” his “marriage and business” if he supported Pimental by testifying against her. She is due in court in October to face that charge.

In any event, the rich are definitely not like you and me—I’d have my employees sign NDAs.

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