An excessive force lawsuit filed in Georgia this month claims that a police officer slammed a pregnant woman to the ground so hard she blacked out, causing her to miscarry, allegedly because the officer didn't like her tone of voice.

According to the lawsuit, the incident occurred when Kenya Harris' minor son was arrested in Albany, Georgia in 2011. After 5 hours at the Albany Police Department, Harris says she insisted she leave to take care of her other children, angering the officer. From Courthouse News:

"Defendant Officer Jenkins stated that he did not appreciate the tone in which she was communicating with him, and further stated that if she continued he would take her head and 'put it to the floor,'" the complaint states.

Harris says when she again tried to explain that she needed to leave, Jenkins followed through on his threat.

"Defendant Officer Jenkins, without provocation, grabbed plaintiff, who weighs less than one hundred twenty (120) pounds, by her neck and slammed her to the ground. Plaintiff momentarily blacked out and came to with defendant Officer Jenkins sitting on her back, and with his knee on her arm. Plaintiff was pregnant at the time."

Subsequently arrested on obstruction of justice charges, Harris says that she was denied medical attention, only learning she had miscarried after making bail and seeking care.

Harris now requests $50,000 and punitive damages, arguing that the officer caused "her severe physical harm and the loss of her baby, when less force was required and should have been used."

Saying the city has yet to be served, attorneys for Albany told WFXL they could not comment on the case.

[Image via AP Images//h/t Daily Mail]