Not long ago, Barack Obama opined, for some reason, that law school should be two years rather than three. Law schools disagree! Law professors disagree! Who does agree? Actual law school graduates.

A new survey from Kaplan finds that 63% of new law school graduates agree that "the traditional three-year law school education can be condensed into two years without negatively impacting the practice-readiness of new attorneys." And a full 87% agree with the more vague statement of dissatisfaction that law school needs to "undergo significant changes." With this new information in mind, let's review the current primary proposals for the future of law school in our nation:

BARACK OBAMA, LAW SCHOOL GRADUATES: Law school should be shortened to two years.

LAW SCHOOL PROFESSORS, LAW SCHOOL DEANS: Law school should remain at three years, or perhaps be lengthened to four years. Why not five years?

GAWKER.COM: Do not go to law school, unless it has very good puppies.

[WSJ. Photo: AP]