Law & Order: SVU has never been shy about "ripping" its stories from "the headlines." But an upcoming episode of the long-running cop theatrical is treating headlines like a hoarder does garbage.

Tonight's episode, titled "American Disgrace," is an amalgamation of three stories that have nothing to do with each other besides being "controversial": the Jay-Z and Solange elevator fight, the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal and the Donald Sterling racist remarks saga. Here's a rundown via the gossip blog The YBF:

The "American Disgrace" episode stars fictional NBA player Shakir "The Shark" Wilkins—plyed by Henry Simmons— who is accused of rape by a PR employee from his clothing line. The ish jumps off after a shocking elevator scene, captured via security cam, and goes public via the "LMZ" gossip site. There's no audio and only raw camera footage. Sound familiar?

The Huffington Post reported earlier this week that the Sterling incident was also being weaved in somehow, though they didn't say exactly in what fashion. Below is a clip of the episode's elevator fight.

Please note that she says "thot." SVU never lets up.