Why does Larry David love living in hotels? "I got one word for you: transience."

David continues:

And by the way, Dave, you know, the hotel, if you have a sexual encounter. Needless to say, of course I expect to. If you have a sexual encounter, over, over, they're gone, they go home, they go back home. There's no messy goodbyes or emotional scenes, it's all done.... Hotel sex, it's different, it's uh, it's engaging.

"But here's the thing, here's the beautiful part about this, and forgive me if I'm filling in blanks you've already filled in," Letterman chimes in, knowingly. "The encounter is over, 'Oh, look at the time, I gotta to get to the theater.'"

Don't say you haven't been warned, hotel-bound women of New York.

[h/t Uproxx]