Lance Armstrong, the doping-bribing-banned-from-the-sport former hero of cycling, has filed a motion to dismiss in a federal lawsuit, claiming that he didn't defraud his sponsor because the USPS should have known he was cheating the whole time.

Armstrong claims that because news outlets reported that he had used performance-enhancing drugs, the USPS should have known about his lying cheating ways, but instead "did nothing." Instead, "The Postal Service renewed the Sponsorship Agreement," and "basked in the favorable publicity of its sponsorship," according to papers filed by Armstrong's attorneys.

Armstrong's former teammate, Floyd Landis, sued Armstrong for fraud in 2010. The Justice Department joined his suit in February and also filed its own separate civil complaint.

Armstrong was stripped of seven Tour De France titles last year after news broke that not only had he routinely cheated by using performance enhancing drugs, but he also bullied his teammates into doping as well.

[WSJ, image via AP]