The setup for the Tonight Show segment "Pumpcast News" is dirt simple: Tim Stack of Parker Lewis Can't Lose fame plays a fictional news anchor for a fictional news station called Pumpcast News which only airs on gas station pumps.

Stack tries to freak out drivers candid-camera-style by speaking directly to them while they pump gas.

You know how the rest of this goes.

But on the most recent Pumpcast News sketch, something unexpected happened: It wasn't half lame.

In fact, it was downright good. Anybody-but-Leno good.

Completely without meaning to, Stack stumbled onto a ready-for-primetime couple whose lack of inhibitions and stellar karaoke skills make it physically impossible not to smile.

And so Leno invited Will and Monifa Sims to come on the show and sing with the Tonight Show band and be generally amazing.

Nice try, Leno, but you still need to leave. The Sims, however — they can stay.

[H/T: Reddit]