A man in a black car purposely drove onto the Venice Beach boardwalk last night, hitting twelve pedestrians and killing one, before fleeing the scene.

Witnesses say the man was driving at about 60 miles per hour when he turned his car on to the pedestrian walkway.

"There were people flying, laying on the ground, tents flying everywhere. If he wanted to kill people, he came on a perfect time, 5 p.m. on a Saturday in the summer in Venice Beach," a witness told CNN.

According to the AP, security footage shows that the man parked by the beach and watched the sunset for several minutes before getting into his car and turning onto the boardwalk. The driver then fled the scene, ditching his car nearby.

According to the LA Times, a person of interest turned himself in around 7 p.m. last night.

Update: Nathan Louis Campbell, 38, was arrested and booked on murder charges in connection with the boardwalk incident. Campbell apparently turned himself in a few hours after crash.

Police have identified the one fatality as an Italian woman, Alice Gruppioni, who was 32. Another victim is still in critical condition, and two are in serious condition. Eight more people are still being treated for less serious injuries.

[LAT, image via AP]