An oil pipe in Los Angeles county ruptured early Thursday morning, spilling at least 10,000 gallons of crude oil into streets. The spilled oil covers roughly half a mile in Glendale and is reportedly knee-deep in some areas, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The 20-inch pipeline leaked at about 12:15 am, reportedly shooting oil as high as 30 feet in the air. It was shut down remotely and is no longer leaking, according to the LAFD.

NBC Los Angeles reports that several businesses in the area have been affected; at least one—The Gentlemen's Club—was covered with oil and evacuated.

UPDATE 11:17 am: Officials have revised their estimates of the amount of spilled oil to 10,000 gallons; initial reports put the number at 50,000 gallons.

[There was a video here]

[Image/Video via NBC LA]