Last night's Thanksgiving episode of SNL was hosted by Cameron Diaz and featured musical guest Bruno Mars, and while both actress and performer were entertaining (Bruno Mars sure knows his way around a stage), the best sketch of the show was a subtle digital short featuring the always hilarious Kyle Mooney.

"The Fight" is home video footage of a high schooler chronicling his fight with a guy who has been messing with him since the ninth grade, and like all of Mooney's characters, Chris Fitzpatrick is unbeatable parody. This might even be better than "Sporty."

Diaz's monologue was short and boring and a number of the other sketches felt forced, like a take on the Annie reboot that I forgot was happening. A digital short called "Back Home Ballers" had some hilarious lines and it revived the lovable squad from "(Do It) On My Twin Bed" just in time to luxuriate in that Thanksgiving love from your parents.

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson put on two captivating performances that resulted in my googling "Bruno Mars tickets" and "flights to Las Vegas," and wondering how Mars could contain so much charisma. Just look at those moves.

Last night's episode also featured a cameo from America's latest lovebirds, Charles Manson and his 26-year-old fiancée Star Burton, and an updated take on Schoolhouse Rock's "I'm Just a Bill." Both good but not great.