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The straight-shootin' blues-rock band JD and The Straight Shot made a rare television appearance on Good Day New York today, and wow—you can really see why these guys got picked to play Madison Square Garden last weekend. (Because Jim Dolan, their singer, owns it.)

Straight Shot fans were in for a real treat: Dolan and the boys served up a soft-boiled plate of folk balladry, paired with the blues—served raw, in the traditional manner—and dusted with a generous portion of the media mogul's famously spicy political commentary. It was a daytime talk show appearance as only JD could do it.

Above, the band slinks its way through "Governor's Song"—a track we've been jamming for a while—which has...something to say about the one percent. (Jim Dolan is incredibly wealthy.)

If you dare to call the mayor, taxes got your goat

Well he don't care, 'cause you're a millionaire, and he didn't get your vote

It's the government 'gainst the one percent, and you're caught in between

No he don't care, he's the mayor, he only wants your vote

My only complaint: the guy from the dang network talked over Dolan's kazoo solo. Why would he do that? JD was really rippin'.

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[h/t Deadspin]