UPDATE: KIRO-TV has determined that the man in the video above is not a real trooper, but is in fact Steve Sarich, the executive director of the Cannibis Action Coalition.

According to KIRO, Sarich dressed up as a trooper as part of a protest against the DUI portion of the marijuana legalization initiative (I-502), which he claims "criminalizes medical marijuana patients every time they drive."

The State Patrol has reportedly reviewed the footage, but says it will not charge Sarich with impersonating an officer "because Sarich was not wearing the uniform to exert any police authority."

Original Article: What a difference a year makes: In less than 12 months since voters in Washington legalized marijuana, local police officers have gone from putting stoners behind bars to helping stoners light a two-pound joint at last weekend's NW Harvest Fest 2013.

Marijuana.com reports that the massive, hash-oil laced spliff took an entire day to roll and was "smoked to completion" thanks to the assistance a "kind, herb-loving Makisupa policeman."

"Not only did the cop tolerate the joint, but he actually looks like he’s sincerely enjoying himself (and maybe a little high)," wrote site editor Barry Poppins. "This is the future, and in this future, cops get high too."