Beloved Leader Kim Jong Un, Mighty Nuclear-Equipped Hero King of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Brave Machine-Gunner of Justice, is really into dolphins.

You, humble citizen, are no doubt cheered and delighted to this very day by remembrances of the time that Dear Leader Kim Jong Un triumphantly cavorted in a joyful dolphinarium. Yet that was not the end of Gentle Master's dolphin-evoking exploits. Why, just today, North Korea's official news service reports that the Supreme Commander personally inspected the Munsu Swimming Complex, currently under construction in Pyongyang. When the Highly Educated Overseer of The People was not issuing valuable and exciting pronouncements such as, "At the kitchen he instructed officials to provide good cooking utensils to it," he was making wonderful suggestions regarding the blending of sea mammal life with the purpose of revolutionary fitness and relaxation for the Republic:

Watching the outer wall of the indoor swimming pool, he noted that if seagulls, dolphins and water drops, etc. are depicted on it with colored tiles, it will look more spectacular.

Seagulls, dolphins, water drops, mothers in prison camps forced to kill their own babies—spectacular!

[Photo: AP]