Years from now, I imagine, Kim Davis will dig through her dresser and find a powder-blue, stretchy long-sleeved shirt staring back at her. And she’ll remember wearing it as she walked out of the jailhouse to Eye of the Tiger, thrusting her arms in the air in a fog of ecclesiastical bliss, as dozens of people clapped their hands...for her. They were all clapping for her. Was that the best day of my life? she’ll wonder and the question will leave her cold, because maybe it was.

Which is all to say, as long as people are paying attention, Kim Davis—the Kentucky clerk who won’t do her job but refuses to resign—isn’t going anywhere.

“If I resign, I lose my voice. Why should I have to quit a job that I love, that I’m good at?” Davis—an issuer of marriage licenses who is, I think we can all agree, very bad at her job—told Megyn Kelly.

“It just comes back to, you know, they can accommodate for all sorts of other issues, and we ask for one simple accommodation and we cannot receive it,” said Davis, who has issues with gay people. “I mean, it just doesn’t seem right.”

“So you have millions of Christians who object to this whole same-sex marriage issue,” Davis argues. “Are their rights invalid? Are their rights not worth anything? I mean, it’s a valid point and it’s a fight worth fighting for.”

And while we’re at it, how about the millions of white supremacists who object to this whole reconstruction issue? Are the neo Nazis’ rights invalid? Are their rights not worth anything? Davis didn’t say, but also didn’t not say.

Jail: not necessarily the best thing, but certainly not the worst thing—ok it’s probably the best thing—that’s ever happened to Kim Davis.

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