Almost 300 ralliers came out in support of county clerk-turned-anti-gay martyr Kim Davis yesterday, many of whom (at least according to their signs) appear to have spoken directly with God and/or Jesus himself.

The generally horrifying display of ignorance and hate took place outside of the Carter County Detention Center in Grayson, Kentucky, where Davis is currently being held for refusing to follow federal law. She could, of course, be freed should she decide to continue doing the job for which she was hired, but Kim Davis says nah.

Which is to say, she is now a formidable GOP contender. Thanks to Twitter, you can see her loyal constituents below.

If anyone can figure out what this is actually supposed to mean, please do let me know.


The Matador Youth were out in full force.

And as with all harbingers of the Apocalypse, The Weather Channel was on the scene.

Honestly, sure, why not run—everyone else is!

Which is why the man above has never let his hair become unkempt, never eaten fat, never mixed fabrics in clothing, never trimmed his beard, never torn his clothes, never masturbated, never watched porn, neve—

Surprisingly, even Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes made an appearance:

According to NPR, the day ended with a bagpipe-led rendition of God Bless America, which we can only imagine was simultaneously loud, grating, and terrifying. In other words: The perfect end to the rally.

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