At a show last night in St. Louis, Mo., rapper Killer Mike, who is on tour with El-P to promote their second Run the Jewels mixtape, took to the microphone to speak openly and heartbreakingly about the Ferguson verdict from last night.

"I knew it was coming and I knew when Eric Holder resigned, I knew it wasn't going to be good." Killer Mike spoke through tears as he said, "I have a twenty-year-old son and a twelve-year-old son and I am so afraid for them."

"When I stood in front of my wife and I hugged and I cried like a baby, and I said 'These motherfuckers got me today.'" As Mike goes on, the crowd cheers in support:

"It is about poverty, it is about greed, it is about the war machine."

[h/t Dorian Lynskey]