Not only is law school more unpopular than it’s been in more than a generation—those contrarian youngsters who do go to law school now suck more than ever.

In Bloomberg today, Natalie Kitroeff takes a deep look at the historically terrible performance of law students on the July 2014 bar exam, which saw a staggering failure rate. What seems to be the problem? I wonder???

Panic swept the bottom half of American law schools, all of which are ranked partly on the basis of their ability to get their graduates into the profession. [Bar exam executive Erica] Moeser sent a letter to law school deans. She outlined future changes to the exam and how to prepare for them. Then she made a hard turn to the July exam. “The group that sat in July 2014 was less able than the group that sat in July 2013,” she wrote. It’s not us, Moeser was essentially saying. It’s you.

Some people disagree but think about how stupid young people are, and you’ll agree.

[Photo of 2014 law school graduate: Flickr]