There are some things that make you reminisce wistfully on your own childhood and realize, "yeah, things were better back then." Like today's so-called "music." Or today's so-called "fashion." Or when Taco Bell announces they're ending their kids meals.

You and me? We grew up in a simpler time. A time when MC Hammer was on the cassette deck, Reebok Pumps were out in the original version, and mom could round up the whole gang in the minivan and take you on out to Taco Bell, where you'd get a taste of authentic Mexican culture at a young age. No more, though. Taco Bell announced this week they're ending kids meals entirely. Some might blame the healthy-eating crowd, or the fact that barely anybody bought Taco Bell kids meals, because, honestly, did you even know Taco Bell had kids meals? And if so, would your kids really prefer a "cheese roll-up" over a McDonald's Happy Meal? I guess if you were on a road trip and you took the wrong exit and there was only a Taco Bell there and your kid just wanted some kind of toy and didn't really care about the food, then sure, I can see it, but generally speaking, who would ever choose to take a family outing to Taco Bell and order a "kids meal," specifically? It's just bizarre.

Anyhow, you're wrong about all that. The fault once again lies with you know who. From Ad Age:

The chain said it's ditching kids' meals because they aren't relevant to its core customer — millennials, generally in their late teens and early-to-mid '20s.

We are all now at the mercy of the taste of millennials. What next— ironic throwback MC Hammer cassettes and Reebok Pumps? Fucking millennials.

[Ad Age. Photo: Flickr]