It's a familiar story: Person loses phone, phone gets found, finder uses phone to post an Instagram of themselves using the phone, Instagram helps person retrieve their phone.

Kimchi Ho's pal was all set to be yet another victim of this vicious cycle.

But then something amazing happened.

It all started on an unassuming bike trip two weekends ago. Unbeknownst to Kimchi, her friend had placed his wallet and cellphone in a velcro pouch attached to her bike.

Fast forward a few hours and several bumpy roads later, and the two return to the house minus one cellphone.

Before they had time to panic, however, Kimchi's sister informed the two that the phone had been found by some kids at a skate park, and she had the Instagram video to prove it.

On her blog, Kimchi writes:

These kids are brilliant. Pure awesome. We called his number immediately & they answered the phone! They told us they were at the Skate Park so we biked over and there was his phone waiting for us. No harm done to the phone, they just wanted to give it back to its rightful owner! They could have sold the phone, made some good coin and continued skating, but they didn't. Instead they took a few goofy pictures and filmed this sweet video.

The kids are alright after all.

[H/T: Reddit, screengrab via Instagram]