Italian police are searching for a teeny-tiny two-foot tall pony named Charly who was stolen from his teeny-tiny little stall at an Italian horse show and spirited away through tobacco fields and into a car (probably a teeny-tiny little Fiat) on Thursday. Authorities believe the kidnappers may be holding the lil' nugget for ransom.

Charly — who may or may not hold a world record for being the smallest horse (Guinness says that 17.5-inch Thumbelina has the distinction, but multiple Italian sources list Charly) — was supposed to perform this weekend at the 47th Annual Horse Show in Città di Castello.

The kidnappers have not yet demanded ransom and Charly's diminutive size makes him hard to find.

"The problem is that this pony is so easy to transport because he is so small – like a dog,” a horse show spokesperson said.

[image via Facebook]