The above left photo depicts the actress named Keira Knightley. You know the one—British accent, British teeth. You could refer to her as Keira, or Ms. Knightley, or, if you're feeling retro, Mrs. Righton (she married last year). What you should not call her is Anne Hathaway, who is pictured above right.

In an interview with Australia's Daily Telegraph, Knightley complained, "At the airport a woman mistook me for Anne Hathaway." She explained:

Actually I think I have to apologize to Anne Hathaway because the woman thought I was being really rude as Anne Hathaway not giving her a picture as Anne Hathaway but I was really only saying that I promised I wasn't Anne Hathaway—which I am not.

Which she is not.

Next time you mistake Keira Knightley for another brown-haired famous person, at least go with Natalie Portman.

[Photo via Getty]