Career mother Kate Gosselin has just filed what is believed to be a multi-million dollar lawsuit against her former co-star, business partner, and roommate (and husband) Jon Gosselin, accusing him of hacking, computer fraud, wiretapping, identity theft, and invasion of privacy.

In the filing, the documents of which appear to have been first published on Kate Gosselin-approved anti-bullying website, Kate alleges that Jon illegally accessed her personal email, phone, and bank accounts after their 2009 divorce and used the information he gleaned to sell negative stories about her to tabloids. She also claims that Jon also provided stolen information to his friend and business partner, author Robert Hoffman, for use in the latter's "defamatory ebook" (LOL) Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World. According to the lawsuit, the ebook was pulled from Amazon two days after it was published, because it was found to contain information obtained illegally.

Faithful viewers of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will remember that, early on in the series, Jon held down a job doing...computers. Something with computers. He would leave the house in the morning, do computers all day long, and then come home to his crying family. Guess it's not as easy to remember as we thought. Perhaps even Jon would like to forget.

From the language of the lawsuit, it seems that Jon accessed Kate's email simply by knowing (or guessing) her password. He is also accused of stealing a hard drive containing "protected, private, and confidential material" from her home.

In other Gosselin news, Hannah recently had her braces removed.

[Image via AP]