Fatherhood changes a man, which explains why Twitter oracle Kanye West took a charmingly domestic turn tonight, warning parents everywhere of the dangers that stupid little iPad games present when placed in the hands of children: Those stubby little fingers will click on those colorful in-app purchase buttons, racking up charges to daddy’s iTunes account.

What kind of greedy, unscrupulous asshole would devise such a scheme, using children to skim money off unsuspecting, overworked parents?

How frustrating it must be to hand your iPad to your child, and then turn away to do what parents do during that brief respite from actual parenting, only to later learn that you’ve paid dearly for the time to yourself. How vulnerable and used you must feel after finding that some greedy app designer/malware provider has practically reached into your home, and used your young child to manipulate its way into your bank account.

This is a frustration that is familiar to Ayelet Waldman, the extremely sensitive and husband-loving novelist who recently had a very similar experience when she let her 11-year-old son play Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, only to find that he’d racked up $120 in in-app purchases. Unlike West, Waldman took her rant to Facebook instead of Twitter, warning parents that those “vile scumbag Kardashian pigs” are after your kids.

This dynamic—this digital money-printer lubricated by the tears of little Zach (?) Waldmans all around the globe—earned Kim Kardashian and her clan a reported $43 million in the third quarter of 2014 alone.

The crazy thing about this is that Kanye West is married to Kim Kardashian.

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