Excitable man Kanye West is engaged to wed popular divorcée Kim Kardashian, after presenting her with a 15-carat diamond ring at AT&T Park in San Francisco via Jumbotron in front of family, friends, and a private 50-person orchestra playing Kim's favorite Lana Del Rey song ("Young and Beautiful") as is the style of the day.

West rented out the baseball stadium, normally home to the San Francisco Giants, in order to surprise Kardashian with the proposal. Kim probably thought Kanye was taking her to AT&T Park for a tedious VIP tour of the facilities ("In the distance, you'll note yet another wheelchair accessible entrance; don't worry, we'll get a closer look at that later.") because he likes to waste time. Little did she realize the only giants in the stadium Monday night (which was also Kim's birthday) would be feelings.

This will be the third marriage for Kardashian, 33, and the first for West, 36. They are both wack virgins.

The best and most Kanye West-ern detail of the evening is the proposal message (more of a frantic plea, really) that flashed on the Jumbotron: "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!"

Kim accepted and now she has to marry that Jumbotron.

[Image via Instagram/Clyde Haygood]