Kanye West walked into a pole in Beverly Hills this afternoon and TMZ captured the moment on video, sort of (their cameraman had already rounded a corner by the time forehead-on-pole contact occurred, though he did rush over to film Kanye and girlfriend Kim Kardashian nursing the wound). This moment represents a low point for all of us: the cameraman for failing to capture the moment of collision, then running back excitedly after it had passed; Kim Kardashian for waking up this morning and dressing herself like a pregnant Morticia Addams; all of us, who came here because we thought it might be funny to see Kanye West run into a pole (final verdict: not as funny as I thought it would be, though it's hard to say how funny it might have been in the hands of a skilled videographer); Kanye West for running into a pole.

A few minutes after that pole came out of nowhere and bit him on the nose, West burst out of the restaurant he and Kardashian were eating in and began screaming frantically, miserably at a photographer to stop photographing him, which makes the whole scene even worse, somehow.

Don't take a-fucking-nother photo man. Don't take another fucking photo man! Don't take no photos! Stop it! All of you motherfuckers stop it, man!

Earlier in the day, Kim Kardashian tweeted an image of herself posing for a photoshoot because photos are how Kim achieves money and fame.

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