Sources close to Justin Bieber are insisting that he doesn't do cocaine and never has "in his life," but tell TMZ the 19-year-old pop star is still hooked on a drug of an entirely different nature: Life. No, kidding: He's apparently addicted to sizzurp.

In addition to regularly taking prescription pills such as Xanax, weed, and "lots of alcohol," multiple sources close to the singer claim he has been downing the codeine-based concoction known as sizzurp on the regular.

The narcotic, also called "lean" or "purple drank," is typically a mixture of codeine, promethazine, Sprite and a single Jolly Rancher. (Sources did not clarify what exact flavor of Jolly Rancher Bieber prefers in his usual sizzurp intake.)

The drug is known to sometimes trigger seizures, "or worse." Apparently many worried sources close to Bieber say all of this sizzurp is making him "erratic," and engaging in bizarre behavior like egging his neighbor's house, serenading his grandmother in the nude, cursing out Bill Clinton, adopting and losing a monkey, fainting onstage, and investing in a startup. He's apparently drinking so much of this fruity drug drink that his team has been urging him to go to rehab.