It all started with a video of Justin Bieber sleeping.

Poor Biebz had apparently tuckered himself out after a long day of johnning and racist vandalism, and decided to snatch a few Z's before another long day of prescheduled swagging.

Rumor has it that Bieber capped off his whorewind tour of Brazil with an up-past-curfew party for a handful of garotas, but made them all promise not to film him doing anything shady.

Ironically, it was a video of the Bieber innocuously snoozing that set off a firestorm of controversy over the alleged "prostitute" who captured the act on tape.

Earlier today, Bieber's crew sent out a rush denial to TMZ, claiming the woman featured in the now-infamous video was not a prostitute, but just some girl who overstayed her welcome after his afterparty.

Not long after that, E! News got a hold of the woman's identity, naming her as one Tatiana Neves Barbosa.

According to the gossip site, the 26-year-old is a "bodybuilder and part-time actress." And a "part-time go-go dancer."

And a prostitute.

That last bit of juice comes not from E! but from Egotastic, which took all of an hour to track down Tati's spread in a gentleman's magazine called Private, where the winner of the 2012 Miss Bikini Wellness pageant reportedly advertised her services.

All that is not to say that Justin necessarily slept with this woman, just that he has reportedly developed a taste for prostitutes, and that this woman is a prostitute.

I'll leave the rest for his crew to eventually deny to TMZ.

[photos via Facebook, scans via Egotastic]