Making fun of CGI Marky Mark Justin Bieber is so easy and so natural that it's become boring to most humorists, but Bieber apparently wanted his own Comedy Central roast so badly that the network finally gave in and agreed to metaphorically set him on fire.

"Justin has been asking us for years to roast him," Comedy Central told a still-alive Ryan Seacrest Tuesday. "So we kept telling him to create some more material, and we're thrilled he listened."

Bieber confirmed on Twitter that he'd been begging for it and that he feels he's earned by acting like a grade-A assclown (the "A" is for "assclown") over the past year.

The Bieber roast will be taped March 7 and, like most past roast victims, Bieber will be in the room to witness his own destruction. Of course he will. Bieber loves to lol, and has mastered the necessary pop star survival skill of convincing himself everyone is lol'ing with him, not at him.

Bieber's career is rich with material to rehash, from obnoxious racist jokes to his leopard-print adult diaper, but it's all been joked about extensively. The most interesting thing about the roast will be seeing if anyone can milk another chuckle out of Bieber's troubled evolution from entitled baby to entitled man-baby.

[h/t US Weekly]