That Justin Bieber is a menace to society has been tangentially documented various times over the past few months: From his run-ins with the paps (some more literal than others), to his abandonment of an innocent monkey in a foreign land.

But in footage just obtained by TMZ, Bieber takes his "wild kid" act to disgusting new lows.

Yel-lows, that is.

In the video, shot earlier this year in NYC, Bieber can be seen exiting a nightclub through a restaurant kitchen with his ruffian friends in tow.

Before leaving, Bieber pauses at a yellow mop bucket and proceeds to urinate directly into it.

TMZ spells it out: "whoever's job it was to mop the place up had to physically change Bieber's disgusting piss water."

He then proceeds up the stairs where he grabs a bottle of cleaning liquid and sprays a photo of Bill Clinton while cussing the former president out.

What exactly Bieber has against Bill remains unclear, but, as TMZ points out, whatever Clinton did to Bieber, "Bieber probably deserved it."

UPDATE: A tipster writes in to claim that the restaurant kitchen in question belongs to Artichoke Basille's Pizza on W 17th and 10th, and the nightclub he's sneaking out of is Avenue.

TMZ posted footage back in May of Justin Bieber doing exactly that.

[video via TMZ]