Yesterday, a years-old video of Justin Bieber telling a racist joke about black people made its way online. Quite predictably, this sent Beliebers—Bieber's monolithic horde of insane fans—into damage control, where they came up with more or less one singular response: Justin Bieber has black friends.

Behold, white teenagers looking to explain away their idol saying the N-word:

Not convinced by random 16-year-old Europeans? Well, how about Soulja Boy, one of those actual black friends, who has apparently assured TMZ that Bieber is not racist.

Now Soulja tells TMZ he doesn't feel Bieber should be held accountable for something he said when he was 15. Soulja says Justin is still his boy and people should not think Justin is racist ... because he isn't.

In all honestly, Soulja doesn't sound too convinced.

Let's all listen to Justin Bieber's latest single, "Looking For You." It features the rap trio Migos.