Justin Bieber, a fabulously wealthy 20-year-old Canadian, just moved into a new penthouse condo in Beverly Hills. Upon moving in, he did what most 20-year-olds would do in his situation: started smoking weed.

According to TMZ, neighbors in Bieber's new building have already called the cops on him twice, citing excessive noise and the scent of cannabis. Said a resident who lives in the building:

"The smell of marijuana was permeating the floor, especially my hallway which is shared by [Justin's] unit."

The latest complaint, filed last week, alleges Bieber threw a party until 4 a.m., with guests ripping bongs on the deck and completely filling the penthouse floor with smoke.

Compared to Bieber's recent indiscretions, this one's pretty harmless. The all-night, weed-and-booze-fueled party might have kept Bieber's moneyed neighbors up, but it's nothing they wouldn't also be dealing with in any college town in America.

[Image via AP]