Justin Bieber is no stranger to egging, but the no-good punk was on the other side of the ovum last night as he allegedly launched an all-out egg assault on his neighbor's house.

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputies were called out to Bieber's Calabasas crib around 7:30 by a neighbor who claimed he'd just been shelled with some two dozen eggs.

The neighbor, who has clashed with Bieber in the past, fingered the notorious "bitch banger" as the culprit, and provided the authorities with home video he shot during the incident in which Bieber can be heard yelling "fuck you" as he apparently trespasses on his neighbor's property.

The video also contains audio of the neighbor telling his terrified 13-year-old daughter to phone the police.

According to TMZ, as much as $400 worth of damage was done to the man's house, which means Bieber could face felony vandalism charges.

The Sheriff's Department investigation is ongoing.

[photo via Instagram, video via TMZ]