It seems like Justin Bieber is extending his South American sex tour for a few more dates. Page Six has him leaving a brothel in Brazil.

We were a little skeptical of the plausibility of reports of Justin Bieber spending a night with Panamanian hookers last week, but now there's another beautiful log thrown on this most excellent fire, with pictures surfacing of Justin Bieber exiting what is allegedly a Brazilian brothel.

Citing unnamed sources (well it's Page Six, so obviously), the Post reports that Bieber "spent over three hours inside the popular whorehouse Centauros in Rio de Janeiro before leaving with two women."

Bieber was covered by a bedsheet by his security team, who allegedly sprayed photographers with water and demanded they stop taking pictures. But how do we know the man under the sheet is actually the Biebs and not some Brazilian hotshot who didn't want to be seen? A tattoo of Bieber's can be clearly seen on his upper wrist in the photos (it's an angel modeled off of former flame Selena Gomez).

Where to next Bieber? Wth Argentina, Chile, and Mexico still on the tour itinerary, Bieber has a lot of Latin American sex tourism ahead of him.