Canadian petty crimelord Justin Bieber was pushed around Disneyland in a wheelchair over the weekend, causing wild speculation that not only is he a sarcastic little asshole, he's also an unfair line-jumper and a blight on the Happiest Place on Earth. "Justin Bieber + wheelchair + Disneyland = I get to cut to the front of the line!" calculated the advanced mathematicians at TMZ labs.

But they had to recheck that math shortly afterward, when a Bieber rep told them that he had a legitimate injury, incurred while exercising his insane ball-handling skills. They added that Justin doesn't need to fake a disability if he wants to skip to the front of the line:

Justin's camp tells us he was nursing a knee injury from basketball — and only sat in the wheelchair for a few moments. We're told he did NOT use it to cut lines ... and in fact, he wouldn't need to since Disney already escorts him into rides to avoid huge crowds.

Although Justin Bieber may be guilty of many things, rolling over small children's Disneyland dreams in a fraudulent wheelchair apparently isn't one of them.

[Photo: SWAGGYJB3194/Twitter]